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“i was saying let me out of here before i was even born. it’s such a gamble when you get a face. it’s fascinating to observe what the mirror does. but when i dine, it’s for the wall i set a place. i belong to the blank generation and i can take or leave it each time.”

—  richard hell and the voidoids (1977)

some of our words never went back from the dark —
dust held dust
under the blackest of moon —
but stars knew
a strange blue, the deepest of blue, containing myriads of words, nested solidly in our hearts, our souls

do not feel alone dear
in the tunnel you will be stopped by gates behind which you will meet kind eyes who will help you find your way

faceless silhouettes at most unexpected moments
will warm you when you feel far and lost

your heart already belongs somewhere

a ermit, a leper
i open the window
find comfort in the sun
let life in — fully
complex and yet so simple
i had bad dreams
i was drawing a map
for a destination
far beyond the atmosphere

(c) Marion Blank, Paris, 2012

(c) Marion Blank, Paris, 2012